About me


My name is Chris Johnson. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but at present live in Quebec, where my wife is from. We married three years ago and now we have a newly born child. I am a happy father, but also a happy school teacher who is teaching French to teenagers.

From time to time, I also volunteer at a homeless center where I prepare food for people, because one of my passions is to cook and help people.

This is the main reason I launched this blog. Helping people with the same passions as mine. Because after hard days of work I like to relax and one of the ways I love to do that is playing at online casinos. I stay in the comfort of my home, while I have fun and make money. Who could ask for more?

My favorite games are Blackjack and the Live Dealer ones especially, since I also get to interact with people. Being a sociable person, I’d rather play a version of the game that allows me somehow to come more into contact with people.

Therefore, on this blog you will see that most information will be about Blackjack, Live Dealer Roulette and Poker, as those are the games I play the most and know more about how they go.

Read my blog to learn more about these special games!