Live Dealer Poker vs. Online Poker

What makes online poker different from live dealer poker – pace, variance, bet sizing, players’ skill level? Find out by reading this article and discover which one suits you best.

First of all, whether you play online poker or live dealer poker, you will have to use a computer or a mobile device with a good Internet connection, and basically you will play the same game. A flush beats a straight in both. Players in both games bet and bluff. Etc.

Live Poker vs. Online Poker

Nowadays, professional and all level players are playing both online poker, live dealer poker or live poker. Those who get involved in all have to take into consideration all the differences between these games. Today I am going to tell you about those that occur between live dealer and online poker.

Bet Sizing

In live dealer poker, bets are usually higher than in online poker where you set your wager and play using a random number generator program. So you have to decide if you like to bet small amounts or bigger ones.

The pace of the game

In online poker everything goes fast. You bet fast. You win fast. But in live dealer poker the pace is much slower and you might find it tedious to play. While in a live dealer poker you might be dealt around 30-35 hands per hour, in an online poker version the number might be double. So think carefully before you choose your way of playing.


“Variance” is used generically to describe the “swings” one endures in poker. The higher “variance” translates into bigger gains and losses in the short term when compared to results over longer periods. The faster pace of playing online artificially affects the “short term”. You might play a week online and log 10 times the number of hands you’d play if you played live dealer poker for a week.

Knowing all these think carefully what you choose: live dealer poker or online poker.

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